My research primarily focuses on environmental and energy economics, with secondary interest in innovation economics and industrial organization. I am particularly interested in energy transitions, particularly the role that energy storage, and negative emission towards a Net Zero economy.


Feng, S. and I. Lazkano. 2022. “Innovation Trends in Electricity Storage: What Drives Global Innovation?Energy Policy, Vol. 167, 113084.

Feng, S. “Do Market-based Environmental Policies Encourage Innovation in Energy Storage?” Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (2024).

Working Papers and Work in Progress

"Energy Storage Subsidies and Directed Technical Change,” with Itziar Lazkano, submitted.

"Greenhouse Gas Removal Policy Taxonomy," with Johanna Arlinghaus and Joseph Stemmler.

"Policy-driven Storage Patenting in China," with Yi Han, Itziar Lazkano and Marlo Magno Vasquez Gozalez.

"Innovation of Geological Carbon Removal along the Value Chain."

Conference Presentations

The 8th Canadian PhD and Early Career Workshop in Environmental and Resource Economics, Ottawa, Canada

Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative 2021 Virtual Workshop

The 26th EAERE Annual Conference Berlin 2021

The 27th Ulvon Conference 2021

EAERE Summer School in Resource and Environmental Economics 2021, Graz, Austria

2021 Berkeley/Sloan Summer School in Environmental and Energy Economics

The 38th Annual USAEE/IAEE North American Virtual Conference

Peer Review

European Journal of Political Economy